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Welcome back to the official Dolphins Bar for 2017! The off season was a roller coaster ride for our Dolphins fan club but as the preseason is closing we have a lot of excitement to look forward to. Once again we have a QB change due to Tannehill's knee and hopefully this will the the year we look back on with fondness and the Smoking Jay Year!

One area of stability for the NoVA Dolfans - the official Dolphins Fan Club of northern Virginia is we will still be at the same bar-sort of. O'Sullivans Irish Pub has been sold and will be renamed Sully's Pour House.  We have been welcomed back and the new owners are BIG football fans.  They are installing a few more big TVs and adding sound to the tables so you can listen to which ever game you want. How many TVs playing the Fins will be determined by turnout. We will have the big screen and a number of TV's through out but if only half the bar is Fins fans they may put other games on to appease other customers. That means it up to us to TAKE OVER THE BAR!!!!

They are adding a bunch of taps for a total of 16 beers on tap with an emphasis on local craft beers. They will have the staples as well. (as well as bucket specials)  Many of you will be excited to hear they even improved upon their already great wings and I've heard they are fantastic from some fans of Hot Wings.

There's a lot to look forward to this year. We have our opener against Tampa and we will see what all these new additions can do!  We have a pretty crazy schedule this year with a lot of prime time games as well as the "Breakfast" game of London. Sullys will be open for that with a breakfast spread for us!  Buffalo and the Jets look to be in total disarray so all we need to do is sweep the Pats for a perfect divisional record. Even if we only win one of those that puts us with the potential for a great conference record. I see another playoff run this year.

With all that said, I look forward to seeing you all soon. Lets show the new owners of the bar what kind of fans the Dolphins have here in NoVA!

Fins Up

Cutler Jersey
Another QB to add to our history

Sorry I haven't updated this in awhile fellow DolFans but we are back on track.  The Preseason is behind us and the roster has been cut down to 53.  The schedule this year is tough- NFC West and AFC north are our primary opponents besides our own tough division.  I think it will take at least 10 games to win the division at a minimum.  A tall order but if all the pieces fall into place it's doable.  A Brady-less Pats in week 2 is what I am looking forward to the most out of the first 4 games or so. Pick up a win there and we could sweep them!

Week One is against Seattle- a tough road game but Seattle tends to start slow and they have no idea how to game plan for the new Dolphins offense so it's not a dire as some might think.  Since it's a 4pm game we thought we would kick off the season with a party before the game.  Details will follow in a few days but plan on getting to The Mellow Mushroom in Herndon early.

This year we are also playing the Ravens here in Baltimore. Our sister groups in Central PA; York Dolfans and Lancaster Dolfans, are organizing a tailgate and takeover.  We will keep everyone posted about what's happening.  If there's enough interest we might consider renting a bus for the trip up.

So get ready, the season is upon us and I look forward to cheering on our Fins with all of you on Sundays

Fins Up!


Gameday Fins V KC 2014

NoVA Dolfans at the Mellow Mushroom for the MIA v KC game

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Over 100 Dolfans showed up for the game against KC this week and we had a romping good time.  The Dolphins shipped us some T-shirts to give away for the "Aqua Out" promotion and we gave 20 shirts out to the first people to show up.  Unfortunately for us, it didn't look like the team showed up for the game.  We were pretty much dominated in all areas this week.  Enough of that though- as you can see from the photo gallery for this game we didn't let that get us down and we celebrated every good play.

Next week the team travels to London for the game against the Raiders- maybe the change in venue will help.  Come on out and show up early and you could get a t-shirt (we had some left over from Aqua Out)

Phins Up!

Well we went into a tough Buffalo Stadium and unfortunately our Fins were pretty much out played in every aspect of the game. We lost Moreno to a dislocated elbow on the first carry! That kinda set the tone.  However- at the Mellow Mushroom we had a great time! We had a DJ for the first time so that SoLo D La Musica could have a good sound system for his halftime performance!  It seems like people really liked the DJ so we are thinking about continuing that-stay posted.  (everything costs money so if we can raise the money then.....)

Although the crowd wasn't quite as large as opening day we still had around 100 Dolfans come out to join us.  What an amazing level of energy.  We even had some of Cam Wake's family from Maryland come down to see the game with us.  I wish Cam had given their QB as bad a whooping as the week before but he got keyed in on the whole game and had to fight off double teams all day.  That's fine because it takes pressure off other pass rushers.

Even though we lost a few people to injury- it looks like we are going to gain back Jordon and Jones for the Defense and Pouncey started practicing this week!  This game is often about managing injuries through out the season.  Next Man Up as they say.

Next week we have a late game out there in KC and while I was worried about this game in the preseason KC seems to be falling apart and is no where near the team they were last year.

I look forward to seeing everyone out there next Sunday for the beat down on the Chiefs.  As always- Win or Lose- FINS UP!

We are half way through the preseason games and a big thank you to The Mellow Mushroom in Herndon for doing a work around so we can get the games LIVE.  If the preseason turnout is any indication, NoVa Dolfans is going to have a great year.  The past two years we would have 2-4 people show up to watch the preseason games but this year 12-15 have made it out for the first two. Most of them new faces!  It's been nice getting to know new Dol-fans before the regular season because as most of you know I am a bit preoccupied during games to sit still and converse.

My take on the performance of our Miami Dolphins so far is that this new offense fits our players well.  Since the new O-line has a bit to go, this quick read passing lets Tannehill get rid of the ball before pressure mounts.  I am hoping we can get better on the run.  On the defensive side I am a little stumped at the tackling. Our front 5 are awesome and Grimes is playing like it's the playoffs.  Special teams is really shining as well.  My official predictions for the year:

8-8 maybe 9-6 for the year.

I think Tannehill will have a 4500 yard season and only be sacked 24 times (still too many but that beats 58)

Hartline will be our leading receiver with 950 yards, followed by the new kid Landry with 800.  Gibson is also going to have a 700 plus yard season. Wallace is going to be a non factor, maybe 500-600 yards.  No clue for our running game yet.  (and I think Sturgis will be out of a job)

Well, if you haven't made it out to the Mushroom yet, please come join us for preseason Games 3 and 4. Save room for dinner because their Pizza and Spiked Sausage Grinder are awesome.

Preseason game 2 Live!
Preseason game 2 Live!

Well it was a disappointing end to our season with the Miami Dolphins laying two eggs in a row.  But I don't want to dwell on that, I would like to recognize that this was a banner year for the NOVA Dolfans.

Two years ago we were lucky to have 20 people show up for a game.  They were a great twenty people, with Love of the Fins in their hearts and a desire to be around other Fins fans.  Last year we started growing little by little until we had 40 or so show up around mid season.  Unfortunately, as losses pile up attendance dropped. The camaraderie and energy remained awesome and Joe asked for some help to help build the fan group even bigger.  2013 began our efforts to really grow the club and boy did it take off.  We had 50-60 people coming every week and taking over Kalypsos Sport Tavern.  For the Pats game it even got up above 70!.  We had SoLo D show up for the Baltimore game and put on a half time performance of his Hip Hop Dolphins songs.  He even used video from our group in subsequent videos!

We had a lot of our group make pilgrimages to various game this year with the highlight being the MetLife Takeover.  Twenty or so people from our group and the DC group joined 730 others in taking over two whole sections of the New York Jets home field.  What an unbelievable experience that was.  A big shout out to Igor and Michelle up there with Dolfans NYC for organizing it.   I think Gary Moyer gets the award for most traveled NoVA Dolfan with trips to NY, Buffalo and Pittsburgh. While the end of the season became harder from a win loss standpoint the club gained official recognition from the Miami Dolphins!  We adopted a new logo and started making plans for t-shirts and other fun things with our name on it. We now have this website and a cafe press store for all you NoVA Dolfans Swag needs.

I really want to thank everyone for making this a great Dolfan Meetup year.  You all are what makes watching games at Kalypsos such an experience.  I know many of you came from a significant distance to join us week in and week out and it has been very much appreciated.  I look forward to the 2014 season cheering on our Fins side by side with all of you again.  My challenge to you is to reach out and find more Dolfans and spread the word about our group so that next year we can have over a hundred people at the games.

Until next time:

Fins Up

Rick Morgan



Miami Dolphins players got a bit more recognition this year in the Pro-Bowl selection.  Cam Wake returns for his second year and Brandon Fields, Mike Pouncey and Brent Grimes get their first appearance as Dolphins.  I was really worried that our guys were going to get overlooked since the media totally lacks respect for us.  We all expected Wake to make it- he has commanded respect from everyone for a of couple years but due to missing a few games with injuries I was a little worried he would be missed.  Olivier Vernon had best get some respect next year though- he has having a beast of a year.  Speaking of being a beast, how about Brent Grimes?  Probably the most athletic guy I have seen on the Dolphins since Zac Thomas! At 5'10" and 185lbs he has been covering the number 1 receivers all year and hasn't given up a single TD. He had better get a nice contract to keep him in Miami for years to come.  It's sad to say that we need Brandon Fields so much but man can that guy kick.  He has helped our defense immeasurably by pinning back offenses inside the 15 yard line all year.  I am glad he didn't get overlooked like last year.  Centers rarely get the credit for much but Mike Pouncey has kept the interior of our line solid and has really done a great job of calling out blocking adjustments.  I am glad he got some respect this year given everything that has happened regarding our O-Line this season.  Have fun in Hawaii guys! Way to represent.