Congrats to Miami Pro-Bowl winners

Miami Dolphins players got a bit more recognition this year in the Pro-Bowl selection.  Cam Wake returns for his second year and Brandon Fields, Mike Pouncey and Brent Grimes get their first appearance as Dolphins.  I was really worried that our guys were going to get overlooked since the media totally lacks respect for us.  We all expected Wake to make it- he has commanded respect from everyone for a of couple years but due to missing a few games with injuries I was a little worried he would be missed.  Olivier Vernon had best get some respect next year though- he has having a beast of a year.  Speaking of being a beast, how about Brent Grimes?  Probably the most athletic guy I have seen on the Dolphins since Zac Thomas! At 5'10" and 185lbs he has been covering the number 1 receivers all year and hasn't given up a single TD. He had better get a nice contract to keep him in Miami for years to come.  It's sad to say that we need Brandon Fields so much but man can that guy kick.  He has helped our defense immeasurably by pinning back offenses inside the 15 yard line all year.  I am glad he didn't get overlooked like last year.  Centers rarely get the credit for much but Mike Pouncey has kept the interior of our line solid and has really done a great job of calling out blocking adjustments.  I am glad he got some respect this year given everything that has happened regarding our O-Line this season.  Have fun in Hawaii guys! Way to represent.

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