End of the Season-Recap

Well it was a disappointing end to our season with the Miami Dolphins laying two eggs in a row.  But I don't want to dwell on that, I would like to recognize that this was a banner year for the NOVA Dolfans.

Two years ago we were lucky to have 20 people show up for a game.  They were a great twenty people, with Love of the Fins in their hearts and a desire to be around other Fins fans.  Last year we started growing little by little until we had 40 or so show up around mid season.  Unfortunately, as losses pile up attendance dropped. The camaraderie and energy remained awesome and Joe asked for some help to help build the fan group even bigger.  2013 began our efforts to really grow the club and boy did it take off.  We had 50-60 people coming every week and taking over Kalypsos Sport Tavern.  For the Pats game it even got up above 70!.  We had SoLo D show up for the Baltimore game and put on a half time performance of his Hip Hop Dolphins songs.  He even used video from our group in subsequent videos!

We had a lot of our group make pilgrimages to various game this year with the highlight being the MetLife Takeover.  Twenty or so people from our group and the DC group joined 730 others in taking over two whole sections of the New York Jets home field.  What an unbelievable experience that was.  A big shout out to Igor and Michelle up there with Dolfans NYC for organizing it.   I think Gary Moyer gets the award for most traveled NoVA Dolfan with trips to NY, Buffalo and Pittsburgh. While the end of the season became harder from a win loss standpoint the club gained official recognition from the Miami Dolphins!  We adopted a new logo and started making plans for t-shirts and other fun things with our name on it. We now have this website and a cafe press store for all you NoVA Dolfans Swag needs.

I really want to thank everyone for making this a great Dolfan Meetup year.  You all are what makes watching games at Kalypsos such an experience.  I know many of you came from a significant distance to join us week in and week out and it has been very much appreciated.  I look forward to the 2014 season cheering on our Fins side by side with all of you again.  My challenge to you is to reach out and find more Dolfans and spread the word about our group so that next year we can have over a hundred people at the games.

Until next time:

Fins Up

Rick Morgan



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