Preseason has Started!

We are half way through the preseason games and a big thank you to The Mellow Mushroom in Herndon for doing a work around so we can get the games LIVE.  If the preseason turnout is any indication, NoVa Dolfans is going to have a great year.  The past two years we would have 2-4 people show up to watch the preseason games but this year 12-15 have made it out for the first two. Most of them new faces!  It's been nice getting to know new Dol-fans before the regular season because as most of you know I am a bit preoccupied during games to sit still and converse.

My take on the performance of our Miami Dolphins so far is that this new offense fits our players well.  Since the new O-line has a bit to go, this quick read passing lets Tannehill get rid of the ball before pressure mounts.  I am hoping we can get better on the run.  On the defensive side I am a little stumped at the tackling. Our front 5 are awesome and Grimes is playing like it's the playoffs.  Special teams is really shining as well.  My official predictions for the year:

8-8 maybe 9-6 for the year.

I think Tannehill will have a 4500 yard season and only be sacked 24 times (still too many but that beats 58)

Hartline will be our leading receiver with 950 yards, followed by the new kid Landry with 800.  Gibson is also going to have a 700 plus yard season. Wallace is going to be a non factor, maybe 500-600 yards.  No clue for our running game yet.  (and I think Sturgis will be out of a job)

Well, if you haven't made it out to the Mushroom yet, please come join us for preseason Games 3 and 4. Save room for dinner because their Pizza and Spiked Sausage Grinder are awesome.

Preseason game 2 Live!
Preseason game 2 Live!

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